Tuesday, February 25, 2014

one thing done, two started and goals for tomorrow AND to glue or not to glue..

I can finally see an end in sight for this project so I HAVE to hide all the RL books (have read 8 or 9 in  the past 6 days) and simply work on the Christmas shop!

I had this great sign post in my stash and thought it would make a great hanger for gift bags.

 So I drilled a hole at a downward angle below the bow and greenery, glued in a cut-off sequin pin and hung a couple gift bags. Think this will go by the store counter.

When I started this roombox, I cut this 'coffered' ceiling from matboard and glued it to the inside of the glass ceiling with white plastic snowflakes hanging down.

As you can see in the above picture, the glue is obvious on the glass so I felt I had to cut a corresponding piece of matboard to match it on top of the glass. I first cut a piece of parchment paper to fit the opening and traced the cuts onto it then taped the parchment paper to another piece of matboard and cut out the holes. The outer edges still have to be trimmed to fit then I will glue it in place.

I've collected everything I need to make the card/book rack that will go on the left hand side of the shop doors.


in order to force myself to actually get some work done, I've decided that each night I'll tell you my goals for the next day and, hopefully, make them 'do-able' enough that I will actually accomplish them.


Finish the ceiling

Make and install the card/book rack

Install ornament pegboard

Base for the back shelving to make it work with the case

*Install the plates on the plate rack

*Which leads to the BIG question - to glue or not to glue?

Unless the project I'm working on is a copy of an actual room, I don't ordinarily permanently glue things in place. I usually use poster velcro (No longer conveniently available from Lee Valley - really disappointed) or moveable glue (which I get from Luba in Spruce Grove). Pieces of double sided carpet tape also work well.

I quite often move pieces from project to project so I prefer not to have them permanently in place.


(1) This is a once in a lifetime piece. I've been collecting for it for several years and I truly believe that once it's done, there will be no significant changes.
(2) I've done probably 30 Christmas scenes of one kind or other over the years and can't foresee doing any more. So I don't expect to "steal" from this one.
(3) I'll still have a whole pile of things left after this room is filled so I won't have to think about "one-itis" where I'm afraid to use something for fear I'll find a better use for it later. (And the special pieces such as my Janice Crawley Christmas dishes will be put in one special place with moveable glue.)
(4) This is going to be, I hope, one of my best projects and, as such, I want it to be completely moveable so I can show it off easily.

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  1. Your to do list looks like my sewing list for Barbie! I did finish the skirts, now it on to the pants then the tops. Not sure when I am going to do the shoes! But like you, I will start.