Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grandpa's Dollhouse/Mini Day Out

Oh, my, goodness! Liz has offered up some of the greatest deals ever. She really kept me on the edge of my seat yesterday as I TRIED to get some of her Awesome Bonus Deals. There were (I think) 16 and you had to be incredibly quick to get any of them...

I did manage to get one:

Wasn't too sure about it at the time but the Chrysnbon kit will work at some point for a vignette for someone; the bench will work eventually in my Secret Garden; Leanne loves calla lilies and everything else will work into some scene somewhere...

Today was back to the regular daily deals and I got some great vegetables to go in my refrigerator!

Shared Shipping:  If you're in the Edmonton area and you'd like to  do "shared shipping" with Liz's sale, you're more than welcome to tell her to send your purchases to me and she will split the shipping costs between all of us (so far about 6 of us). When the sale is over and all of the purchases arrive, we can have a "Show and Tell" at my place (in St. Albert) as we all unpack our purchases. What fun that will be! 

Building Put and Take: I was totally blown away when I found this Fiskars cutter in the Put and Take tonight! Much more detailed than the small one I already have!(And about five times the value!)


Mini Day Out

What a great chance to work on a project! And/0r just get together with like-minded people

When: Saturday, January 18, 2014
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: 2nd floor Social Room
Mission Hill Grande
78A McKenney Avenue, St. Albert

Cost: Total room rental is now $50. We will be picking up a lunch of lasagne (meat, vegetable and chicken) and a salad. Total cost per participant will be about $5.00(depending on total attendance).

The room has a fridge, microwave oven, sink, washroom, CD player and comfortable chairs. The lighting is excellent.

A wheeled cart (roughly 18” x 40”) will be available to help bring your things into the building if required.

Go to the South Entrance, punch in 9000 for entry. The room is just around the corner to your left when you get off the elevator on the second floor.

Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, January 15.  (Not imperative but gives us an idea how many to expect for lunch.)

Maureen Heuchert 780-418-5198 or mheucher@shaw.ca

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