Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Couple catch-ups...plus Christmas gifts received...

I had such great plans for a "catch-up" tonight but I'm so far behind that will be such a little of what I wanted to tell you about....

I bought this wonderful wheelchair in Bowmanville, ON,, for Vern's attic:

Then I took off the control and painted it with black primer...still have to paint the chrome parts...but it's going to look SO good!

I picked up these ornaments at Dollarama with the intention of making them into patio lights....
 And here they are (lit with some bulbs my DS Marie gave me years ago) -

Gift to myself from Grandma Holly on e-bay: This will go into the Bombay House when I re-do the kitchen in it:

 As will the matching dishwasher (also from Grandma Holly)

Just received these beautiful sunflowers yesterday from Monica (Peaches) Lavoie, a former member of the Edmonton Miniature Club!

These lovely Christmas cushions were inside a Christmas card tucked under my door by Barb R. Hard to believe she only started doing miniatures a year and a half ago. Wonderful neighbour and great budding miniaturist!

This came in a Christmas card from Barb S. who gives each of the M.E.E. (Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton) members a delightful birthday gift each month. Done by Volker Arnold. Lovely man who does incredible work...met him a Chicago last year.

My dear friend, Cheryl H., from Nova Scotia, mailed me these wonderful Christmas gifts:

Slippers/booties and dog rawhide bones

and her incredible poinsettias!!!

The poinsettias are made from sesame seeds. Cheryl has actually shown me how to make them but I just don't have the ability to make them that she does so I was thrilled to get them!

My dear friend, Joanne R., gave me a gift certificate to use at Grandpa's Dollhouse where Liz D. has her great, ultimate sale coming up in January!!! So I will be able to triple or even quadruple the value of it! So that is a gift that will keep giving...and giving! 

At the risk of your beating me to some of Liz's great bargains, I'll suggest that you sign up for notifications of the sale items. Great sales, beautiful items and Liz is SO wonderful to deal with! (And her grab bags are to die for!)  The sale goes on for a month and you can accumulate all your purchases over that time and pay at the end...so shipping is combined. It's an incredible way to shop...and I highly recommend it! Lots of variety of merchandise from the small things to high end artisan pieces!


  1. Thanks Maureen. Lots of great deals coming up this year as well.............stay tuned. I love your wheelchair. I was looking for one like that. Who did you get it from? Merry Christmas Maureen!

    1. Hi, Liz,
      Hope you and the family (especially the Mighty Quin) had a wonderful Christmas!
      I got the wheelchair at Bowmanville from D. E. Miniatures from Woodstock. There are no markings on it to indicate who might have manufactured it.
      Happy New Year to all of you. I'm looking forward to the big sale!
      Hugs, Maureen