Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A MEE Christmas Party

Oh, my, with the winter storms that we've been having, this was a touch and go night! But because the weather is only expected to get worse over the next week, the party went ahead as scheduled. Thanks to Barb's husband, Les, who drove us to the party and picked us up later so Joanne didn't have to drive.

We were blessed that Judi R. was able to join us, having just been discharged after some months in hospital and that Dolores C. joined us on an evening pass from hospital.

Lucille is setting out the 15 big donated items from former and current MEE members for the big draw! Each attendee at the party was given 10 slips of paper. You could write your own name on each slip or pass extras on to newbies. The slips of paper were then dropped in the paper bags in front of each donated item that you wanted to try to win.

 Tables all set up for dinner:
 Lil, Laurie and Laurie visiting a bit.
 Debbie M. and Joanne R. heating appetizers in the kitchen.

(below left) Maureen M. brought in this lovely little Christmas scene for display.

(below right) Each year, the club supplies two or three trees and members who wish to bring three mini ornaments and enter their names in a draw. The winners get a tree and a share of the ornaments. Jillian won one of the trees last year and brought her decorated tree for 'show and tell'. Tina had a hard time finding trees this year for the club's donation and she found what she called "Charlie Brown" trees. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them - or of the donated ornaments. (It gets worse - I can't recall who won the new trees!)

Let's face it! When miniaturists get together, we like our food! And in years past, we have always had WAY too much of it. So this year, we changed the sign up sheet a bit. If you volunteered to set up or clean up, you didn't bring food.

In the past, we've had full potluck dinners and dinners catered by the Church women but the last couple years, we've gone with just appetizers, desserts and punch.

The appetizer tables with only about two thirds of the offerings set out.

The dessert and punch table:
 Just visiting and selecting our table places.
 After we had started eating, Maureen M. (on the left) drew names for the winners of the first five big freebie draws:

We had a 15 question test on our knowledge of Christmas songs/carols. Our table was SO sure we had won with 13/15 (thanks to Debbie M.) but we didn't :-(  Tina had a wonder gift package of glue applicators for each member of the winning table - and had three left over so she awarded them to the three newbies at our table.

After dinner, we moved to another section of the hall for the gift exchange. On chairs in a circle, we sat with gifts in hand while Joanne R. read a miniature version of a gift exchange story that she had found online.

While we were still in the circle, Joanne R. read us "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus"

Then we returned to our seats at the tables and checked out everyone's gifts. I only got a few pictures.
Barb R. received this lovely food plate on a ring and two Bonnie Lavish flower kits.

Someone received this gorgeous Christmas tree by Jillian K.

Pretty sure this was done by Teresa 

Joanne made this wonderful Santa's cupboard!

Maureen M. received all these great snack foods from Tina M.

Sunni, breaking up as she reads the winners of the Darwin Awards!

Drawing the names of the last of the winners of the 15 freebies!
 Don't know whether it's good or bad that I didn't win even one of those draws....probably for the best....but there certainly were some lovely things...none of which I really needed!

Early in the evening we had all been asked for our suggestions for a name for the Campsite that will be our focus of the SHOW at the September 21, 2014 Show and Sale. The suggestions had been posted on the wall and during the circle we had been given small post-its to attach to our choice.

And (trumpet sound) the display at the September 2014 Show and Sale will be "A-Camping MEE will go!" as suggested by Barb S. (I think Barb S. also came up with our "Little Fair on the Prairie" slogan two years ago.

For a couple years now, Barb S. has made birthday gifts for each member of MEE so at the Christmas party, we acknowledge that by putting together a gift bag for her. Each member brings a small gift for Barb. (Another missed picture.)

The evening ended with Joanne R. reading us "The Polar Express"

My gift tonight was this great cooler from Lucille! Love it!

This is SUCH a great idea! Joanne suggested these to Tina and Tina printed them up for all of us!

When a club selects a project and work begins on it, you print out a label such as this and IMMEDIATELY slap it on the bottom of the project! Begin the history.....

Trineke gave me these lovely Christmas plates that will be just perfect on the plate rail in the Christmas shop!

Just a couple afterthoughts:

About 20 - 25 of us showed up -

What?! And the sign-up schedule? The appetizers almost totally worked out! Hardly anything left!

Desserts! Surprisingly a lot left! (maybe a fewer signups there - selection was good)

Punch was great!

Maybe look at a couple more set up and a several more clean up? And add coffee/tea set up somewhere in there?


  1. What a lovely summary of everything Maureen. It was such a lovely evening! Merry Christmas!

    1. So glad you were able to join us this year!
      Hugs, Maureen