Friday, November 15, 2013

Taking tools to workshops

Well, if you go to a class, you might want your whole toolbox but if you're going to a workshop, you might want to take just a few tools that are applicable to that particular item.

You can find these pencil cases at Dollar Tree:

I love these 9 1/2" x 8"' pencil cases'. Fill them with any supplies you need and connect them together with binder rings
Use (?) of them to carry the tools for whatever workshop you're attending.
This is a pencil case I bought at Target.  Love it for pencils, X-Acto knives, blades, erasers, other small things.

Another great storage idea is toothbrush holders for your paintbrushes/X-Acto knives.... at Dollarama/Dollar Tree
Just a few thoughts...


  1. Hi Marueen! These are some handy tips, especially the toothbrush case as brush holder! Very good idea! Thanks for sharing it! :D


    1. Joanne gave the toothbrush case hint to me. What a great idea!