Monday, October 7, 2013

Doll Show September 29

 On Sunday, September 29th, Joanne and I went to the Doll Show. For the past few years, the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton have had a table there to let people know about the club and encourage them to join. We couldn't get a table this year but we went anyway to look around.

My grandchildren are HUGE LEGO fans so I wanted to go, hoping that the LEGO I had seen last year would still be available. And it was!!! Even more than I had expected!
I had definitely not expected to see the new LEGO Friends. Thrilled to get three kits for DGD Holly!

And a LEGO Advent calendar for both grandchildren!

And two wonderful Star Wars kits for DGS Jonah!

This was the bargain of the day! A beautiful floral display in  1:12 for only $10.

Only 50 cents...thought it was actually a mini Tupperware piece...not only wasn't but didn't even fit together...but for 50 cents, what the heck...still a great bowl and a small platter.

A lovely little ballerina angel for Holly!

Joanne picked up a couple of great pieces also.

We just had a great time looking at all the old dolls...and all the incredible Barbies that had been issued over the years!


  1. I love lego, its a wonderful Christmas present! I haven's seen the advent calendars before they are great.

    1. I think LEGO is just about the greatest gift ever. Second only to books! Let their imaginations fly!!!!