Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MEE Summer Open House

Over the summer, club members try to get together at least once. This year, Erika and Jim welcomed a large number of us to their home and yard on Monday. Below are pictures of the back yard railway. They just completed a wonderful water feature. Jim had three separate trains running on the tracks while we were there. He's in charge of the trains and tracks while Erika has done the buildings on the site.

Jim also has a large HO railroad set-up in the basement.

The jewel of Erika's minis is a beautiful Lorna Naves house that she has put a lot of work into.
It's a large, electrified, front-opening house.

Outside from the left - with front opened.

Open from the front

Dining room - bottom left

Music/Games room - middle left

Nursery - top left

Middle stairwell with bathroom on the top floor.

Master bedroom - top right

Living room - middle right

Kitchen - bottom right
Unfortunately my pictures of many of Erika's other pieces didn't turn out but I did get a couple great pictures of her "Storybook Cottage" (in 1:48 scale) which is almost completed.

Thank you very much to Erika and Jim for their wonderful hospitality.

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