Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mini Day Out yesterday

What with people being on holidays and some minor illnesses, only ten of us attended Mini Day Out yesterday. In a way, I really enjoyed the smaller group as it gave me more time to visit and that's one of the nice parts of our get-togethers. People were starting to pack up before I spotted my camera just sitting there on the table (so what else is new?) so only got a couple pictures.

Margaret, Lois and Joanne worked on their attics.

Joanne finished shingling her attic and attached the chimney.

She has to wait until the glue dried before the shingles can be trimmed.
Lois has done an incredible job on the inside of her attic (with help from her DH, Peter). She started shingling the roof at MDO.

Marg very quietly worked on her attic while Barb strung seed beads for a couple Christmas garlands then began knitting a beautiful Christmas tree skirt from a pattern in an old Nutshell News.

Wendy was making wonderful bottles and glasses using instructions from Joann Swanson and Erika was making a great braided rug using some braid she had bought at one point, probably at Chicago International.

Erika showed me an incredible cuckoo clock she had made from a kit by Volker Arnold. (There was a problem with the Google translator so couldn't find the specific url.) Barb S. buys a lot of Arnold's kits so I had been familiar with them for some time. I had the opportunity to meet him in Chicago (lovely man) and see the incredible breadth of his line. I got a couple lovely pieces for my Christmas shop.

Rosalle (Needleart Treasures by Rosalle) was crocheting the most incredibly fine table runner (commissioned).

Tina made a wonderful little 1:48 horse drawn cart...she even has the horse to pull it (unfinished so far). She brought three other kits but for one reason or another couldn't work on them. But she posed for this picture showing the advantages of working in 1:48...

Travelling light: Tools and four kits all in that little work bag!!!!
Visiting trumped work so I only finished five of the twenty room vignettes I'm preparing for the children's table at the Show and Sale in September.

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