Saturday, July 20, 2013

Good Intentions...

I had such good intentions this morning of doing some major cleaning/putting away. But by the time I read the paper, did the crossword puzzle and read all my email (especially all the digests) and going off on the tangents as I'm wont to do....checking out pictures and seeing a word or person that I want to learn more about...most of the day was gone......

A couple weeks ago I received a huge box of items that I thought contained a lot of things DD Leanne would be able to use at the Child Care Centre. So I got out my folding table and started sorting through everything. Not as much as I had thought/hoped for Leanne but there were many things Barb #1 could use for herself and her budding miniaturist granddaughter and a lot for friend Barb #2 who is a dressmaker and crafter. Still had a lot of 'stuff' left so I put up signs on the condo bulletin boards and took it all to our craft night. So hardly anything left....which was a relief!

BUT the pieces I had taken from the box are still sitting on the table and I still haven't even properly put away my Chicago purchases (end of April).

Then Leanne and Robert took me out for dinner on Tuesday night and Leanne delivered the 10 sheets of foamcore she had picked up at Michael's for me. (Oops! I thought she had bought 15 but 10 is good.)

Joanne and  I finally got together last night for the first time since she and three others from the Edmonton Club returned from the N.A.M.E. National in Tucson. We went out to a cafe here where two of the daughters of one of her co-workers were performing in a string quartet (Kamara Quartet). Beautiful music and a very enjoyable time. (They are available for weddings, etc., and I have their contact information if you're looking for some great entertainment.)

While in Tucson, Joanne got me two great miniatures!

Some years ago at Camp Mini Ha Ha, I received a great house of cards as an exchange gift from Anne Bowen from Britain. I had thought to use it in the detective's office but it was way too big to use there. So Joanne brought me one that is just perfect! And completes my contention that my detective is not terribly good/busy! LOL

And for my as yet unstarted Oriental room, she brought me this incredible beautiful wooden statue:

1 1/4" tall The picture does NOT do it justice. 
When Leanne and I were in Great Falls, Montana, on the long weekend I spotted this incredible boombox charm...and Leanne bought it for me! (By Funkytech)

I did get a good start on cutting up the foamcore sheets to make the 'rooms' for the children's table at the September Show and Sale.

So the day wasn't a complete loss but I hope tomorrow will be better.....

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  1. Hi Maureen! Love that house of cards! It is a Great touch and really is in keeping with the old black and white film noir detective movies that I remember. A few cards being tossed into a hat or a basket was another indication of work being slow! Anyway, love the look!