Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fourth Tuesday at Tina's

I'll be posting twice tonight so you WILL get to see my purchases from the estate sale. But first...

In addition to our club workshop on the first Tuesday of the month and the general meeting on the third Tuesday of the month, I try to hold a simple workshop on the second Tuesday of the month and Tina hosts a get-together at her place on the fourth Tuesday for club members who work in 1:48 scale.

Although she kindly includes me in the invitation, I seldom attend as I don't work in 1:48 scale. I did attend this week, however, since one of my purchases at the estate sale was the basic Brooke Tucker roombox from her "Skills My Teacher Taught Me" workshop.

 For a Brooke Tucker room, it's relatively small but all the difficult work (the bay window) has been done so it was a real bargain!

I'm thinking maybe a music room...had originally thought library/music room but it's not big enough for that.

Tina had invited me to take pictures of her room done in that workshop AND she found the instructions from the class for me.

Have to think a lot about what I will do with the room but I really appreciate Tina's help.

Joanne bought one of the beautifully refinished by Gilbert Funk (a former MEE member) vintage radio cabinets at the estate sale. The more she thought about it, the more she thought it would be ideal for a radio shop. Great idea! But she's going to need a lot of radios to fill it!

I just happen to have this great little vintage radio kit in my stash! I won't be using it but it'll be great for Joanne.

Sorry the picture is so blurry...The 'white' spots are actually brass knobs. Great kit and great results!

So that was my gift to Joanne!

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