Tuesday, April 2, 2013

odds and ends - some minis and personal observations

Judy L. just posted on her blog a picture of a tree trunk she has just made as part of her project for the Show and Sale in Kelowna the end of April. It is just an unbelievably realistic piece of work. I hope you'll take a look at it.

OOPS! Forgot...Janeen gave us some lawn edging that she found in her garage that will make wonderful window mullions.

The diamonds are about 1/4" on each side.
This is a very old T2T idea for mullions. (I haven't even seen these for four or five years.) This is the side of a plastic basket that originally held strawberries.

I just bit the bullet and bought myself a tablet. Hopefully I'll learn how to use it in time to keep the blog at least sort of up to date while I'm on my Chicago/New York trip.

I'm starting to panic. So much to do and only two weeks to get it all done. (Not just trip preparations but things like filing my income tax!?!)

I got all the books shelved in the condo library today so can cross that off my list for now at least. We have a Show and Sale Committee meeting tomorrow night before our MEE workshop so have a lot of paperwork to update for that. Then I have coffee club and a condo board meeting on Wednesday (more paperwork).

My plan was to make a whole pile of St. Albert mini books for the Camp gathering in Chicago but only have about 1/3 of them done so haven't decided if I'll keep on that route or maybe just make a big batch of the knives from turned toothpicks. Depends, I guess, on how much time I have. I do like the St. Albert books because they're informative but the knives are much more time efficient. It's nice, though, to have a supply of the books to hand out to mini-muggles who ask "where are you from and what are you doing?"

The big issue when travelling these days is the luggage. Within Canada (and especially on WestJet, my preferred airline), not so much of an problem but once you cross the border, you pretty much have to have carry-on unless you want to deal with horrendous extra charges. I'm pretty good with travelling light but this could be a challenge. At least I don't have to take a tool kit!

DD Leanne is one of those wonderful people who has a knack for cooking/baking. Although she's an educator, she has always considered cooking/baking as an optional profession. In fact, she introduced me to many of the interesting cooking shows that are on TV. For the past year or so, I have been watching "The Chew" a cooking show on which two of the hosts are Chefs Michael Symon and Mario Batali. For the New York portion of the trip, I got us tickets to the show. Oh, my, for that, I may never have to buy her another gift for a couple years...LOL!

"we are going to the Chew?!?!?!?!? I get to see Symon AND Bateli?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Enough meandering...I do have a Trash to Treasure for you tomorrow.


  1. Hi Maureen! The lawn edging looks interesting, I've never seen it before. The berry baskets I also haven't seen lately either. It used to be they were everywhere, but now berries are sold in the cardboard 'boats' that are... uninteresting. Sounds like you will be busy getting ready for your trip, so which will it be knives or books?


  2. That is so cool, the chew. I to am also a fan, I think Clinton Kelly is really funny. have a great time.