Monday, April 8, 2013


Leanne had called me on Sunday and told me about this really great sale at Michael's. Wasn't much that I needed but she picked up five sheets of foamcore for me for $1.18 (reg. 3.98). I have NEVER seen it that cheap! This is Elmer's brand which is far superior to that foamcore that you can occasionally get at Dollarama.

But WOW! what bargains!!! Americana paint (reg. $1.99) 3 for $2.00; Twenty five 1" foam paint brushes for $1.00 (Can you believe it!); seven photo boxes for $10.00; four packs of 65# cardstock (white, black, patterns, colour shade packs) for $10.00, and many other great deals!

Joanne and I went there this morning. I didn't really need the foam brushes but I couldn't afford not to buy them at that price. Of course, at that price, they were sold out! They don't give 'rain cheques' but you can (at least at the Edmonton Michael's on 137th Avenue) put sale items on 'special order'. You have to pay in advance but you get them at the sale price and they'll email you when the items are available for pickup.

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  1. SCORE!!!!!
    YES! Good for you Maureen! They will be waiting for your magic touch for when you get back!