Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Copper stock pot and saucepan

I think I showed this T2T stock pot before but I think this is an improvement on the stock pot, plus I finally figured out how to make the matching sauce pan.

The copper piece is an plumbing end cap that's available at Canadian Tire and almost any home hardware store. This one is about 1" tall and 1" in diameter. The first stock pot that I made, I used the straight "eye" from sewing hooks and eyes. I just attached two of them to opposite sides of the end cap with super glue.

Later I thought that the curved hooks would work better. I used pliers to bend the circles at right angles from the hooks...

and attached them to the end pieces with super glue. And, voila! a stock pot!

Copper end caps come in several sizes. The one below is 5/8" in diameter. I've had a bag of them for years but could never quite figure out how to put a 'handle' on them to make saucepans from them....until the other day I opened my desk drawer and found these paper connectors. (When I demonstrated this at MDO, someone recognized them as being similar to the pieces in Duo-Tangs...so you could clip pieces from duo-tangs to make the handles.)

I used my wire cutters to cut off a piece of that about 5/8" long

 Then bent 1/8" from the end at a right angle:

 With superglue, I glued the "handle" to the pot and let the glue set.

On the right is the completed pot.

On the left is the back of an old self-covered button that I had in my stash...absolutely great to make a top for either the stock pot or the saucepan...except the only one I had was too big for the saucepan and too small for the stock pot. But the whole idea is good!

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