Friday, March 15, 2013

Online Miniature Show, RL, MINIATURE MATH, Great tutorials (MC Kids Korner)

I haven't signed up for this as (1) I don't need any more "things" and (2) have to save up for Chicago International.

However, my good friend, Cheryl in Nova Scotia, is one of the dealers and is selling some wonderful items. My absolute favourite thing that she sells are the tartans. If you have any highland blood in you at all, you will be thrilled with these. Lots of other goodies too- but these are my absolute favourites. Please check it out!

Winter has returned to St. Albert! After a couple weeks of unseasonably warm weather, we've had about 6" of snow and temperatures of about -15C with wind chills in the -20s. But only for about a week, then it is supposed to warm up again.

Joanne and I went to Staples this morning to take advantage of a 15% off renovation sale (didn't see anything different except much more customer service in the aisles - but not at the checkout.) Nothing much there until we spotted this literature sorter. The MOST incredible product and price! I didn't need one as I already have three versions of them (that were much more expensive) but Joanne bought one. GREAT deal!

Then we headed over to our usual browse around Chapters!
How I love a book store! We hit one of the bargain tables (books from $2 - $5) and couldn't resist! I bought 2 for myself and 2 as Christmas stocking stuffers for my Mom and Leanne.

MINIATURE MATH: I'm going to blog about this again separately because it's our unique way of thinking!

Joanne donates an annual subscription to Miniature Collector magazine to the St. Albert Public Library (where she works).As the year passes, the library clears out the past year's subscription and Joanne buys the past year at a clear-out cost....and passes it on to me to read.

So you will understand if I'm not around for a few days....the only thing that trumps miniatures is reading!!!

But I want to strongly suggest that you check out Miniature Collector's Kids Corner. Don't let the name mislead you...these are simple tutorials that all of us can appreciate.

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