Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mini Day Out

SHOOT!! You would think after all the times that I've had my camera and forgotten to take pictures and cursed myself for it that I would remember to take pictures....throughout the day and not just at the last minute. I get SO frustrated with myself.

Missed some great shots of the whole group and some of the beautiful attics that some people were working on. AND the incredible corsages that Janeen makes from bread clay. (Teresa took some pictures of those so I'll see if I can get them from her and post them later.)

There were 15 of us throughout the day working on a variety of things. Lois's husband, Peter, was there to help with the wiring of the attic project. And I demonstrated some of the tutorials - the canned goods and bowls made with a quilling tool, the knives made from tooled toothpicks, and cakes made from corks and bottle caps.

One of Erika's bowls from quilling paper

Teresa and Lucille hard at work. Lucille was working on a kit of a  child's playhouse in 1:48.

Peter and Lois working away. Dolores's attic is in the foreground.

Trineke, Barb (busy quilling items) and Judi (checking out the T2T booklet). Joanne had brought and donated to the club a large box of quilling paper that she had inherited from a former club member who introduced her to minis. After Peter helped her with the wiring of her attic, she was sorting through the quilling paper (lower right) but she'd kill me if I added that picture...
But I can show you a view of the wonderful work she did with Crayola magic clay on the outside of her attic:

Trineke quilled all the canned goods then tried her hand at some lovely quilled bowls.

Barb R. also had a very productive day.
Tina finished the first project she had brought to work on so started working on a hydrangea in 1:48!!! OMG, I can't do flowers in 1:12 so even the idea of doing them in 1:48 boggles my mind.

At the end of the day, Trineke and I were discussing her attic and she described a piece that she needed - a wall-hung sink. I knew that the piece she wanted was available as part of a Chrysnbon we discussed Chrysbon for a while, then I remembered that I had that particular kit (bought with pieces missing) and the pieces she needed for her attic were all in that package I had. We were both SO pleased.

She hadn't been familiar with Chrysnbon so I later e-mailed her the url for a website that has the most comprehensive collection of Chrysnbon furniture and accessories that I have ever found 

I love these times we spend together.

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