Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kitchen/Pantry items

I've recently been hosting a Second Tuesday get-together at my place. Second Tuesday refers to the fact that the club meets at the church on the first Tuesday of the month for a workshop and the third Tuesday of the month for a general meeting. Fourth Tuesday, there is a gathering at Tina's for those who work in 1:48 scale.

Second Tuesday is mainly directed at newbies and so far we have done Christmas stockings, built a table from scratch  and built a bench from a Cheryl Kerfoot kit.

At our last get-together, I suggested that we next work on kitchen/pantry items. That seemed to be a popular idea based on the few DIY examples I had shown them at the time. But the more I thought about it (and the more ideas I came up with) and with so little time between the usual Second Tuesday date of April 9 and my April 15 departure on the trip to Chicago and New York, I thought that this was something that was better suited to a Mini Day Out.

SO in place of the Second Tuesday meeting on April 9, we are having a Mini Day Out in the social room at my place on March 30.

I'll be be posting most of the kitchen/pantry item DIYs here so even if you can't join us on March 30, hopefully you'll be with us in spirit.

We'll start tomorrow with a mixing bowl made from quilling paper. And over the next couple weeks, there will be lots of Trash to Treasure and DIY for kitchens.

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