Thursday, February 14, 2013

Whiling away time....

The last two days I've put in two five-hour stretches acting as a hostess to two open houses to familiarize condo residents with our guest suite and social room (where we hold our Mini Day Outs). Since I don't have a laptop, this gave me some wonderful time for catching up on things away from the computer!

Yesterday, I took along a jewellery box kit from Dragonfly International that I had bought on our trip to Phoenix last year. I know better but I had opened the kit and kept it loose (should have put it in a ziploc) and when I went to assemble it, I had lost a piece. So I'm still looking for that piece....

But I had a book along that I needed to finish and return to Joanne, so I spent the time reading that. It's "My Ideal Bookshelf" edited by Thessaly La Force with art by Jane Mount. One Hundred people (artists, writers, etc.) were asked to share the books that matter  to them most. Made me do a lot of thinking about what MY ideal bookshelf would contain.

That took care of yesterday's shift quite handily.

Today I had a couple boxes of paperwork that needed to be sorted through and dealt with. As with all things I keep putting off, it didn't take very long to deal with once I got down to it so after that I had time to get some great mini work done.

Our last MEE workshop was making miniature Tiffany-style lamp shades from Shrinky Dink plastic. At our January meeting, we bought the Shrinky Dink sheets and instruction kits that included a choice of eight mandela designs for the lamp shades. We were to trace and colour the designs before the workshop so heat guns and a variety of items could be used to shape the shrunken plastic into lamp shades.

I didn't have my plastic coloured and then I forgot my camera so can't begin to show you the process and the beautiful pieces that resulted.

Tonight I did at least get one piece of Shrinky Dinks coloured and ready to shrink and shape into a Tiffany-style lamp shade.

I kept it very simple in the two shades of green because I hope to use it in the bedroom (another UFO) and because I'm not good with colours.

I would LOVE to do one (not necessarily this design) that is in shades of reds, oranges, corals and pinks as sort of a brilliant sunset but that will be an effort for another day.

After I got that coloured, I still had another hour to kill so I spent the time working on a batch of 15 "St. Albert" books to take as gifts for fellow miniaturists in Chicago. The pages were already cut out so it was just a matter of folding, gluing and clamping them.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will get the covers and spines on this set.

I want to have about 100 of these ready for Chicago so if I can get this many done every week or so, I'll be okay. (I already have about 10 completed.)

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