Thursday, February 7, 2013


I just haven't had time to post the tutorial for making a table. I'll try to get it up over the weekend.

My request for help advertising the September Show and Sale resulted in such a wonderful flood of ideas from my online groups and individuals that it took me a LONG time to get caugh up with replying and 'filing' all the helpful suggestions/ideas and offers of help.

At some point, I will try to collate everything and put together a document that hopefully can be shared with all of us who are involved in promoting Show and Sales.

One of the great joys of being involved in miniatures is the knowledge that, no matter what, thanks to the internet, none of us are really alone any more. We are all part of this incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and sharing community.

I say that as one of the miniaturists who started well before the internet....when there were no printies, no online tutorials (not to mention YouTube video tutorials), no "immediate" responses to questions (Gosh, look at the old Nutshell News - you asked a question - by snail mail - then given the publication delays, you were lucky to get an answer within months.) And actually, I didn't even know about Nutshell News until shortly before it was no longer published.

We are truly blessed as miniaturists to have SO much available to us at this time.

And now, the incredible 3D printer. It doesn't seem to be too available yet in terms of 1:12 scale but there is some incredible work being done in 1:48 scale; especially by T. Shawn Johnson from Guelph Ontario. Please check out Shawn's work..beautiful work at very reasonable prices. It's almost enough to get me to try out 1:48.

But those of you who have seen my collection of 1:12 pieces and supplies will understand why that will never happen.

Anyway, I got sidetracked here. 

The first week of the month is always busy for me between the MEE workshop on Tuesday and my Condo board meeting on Wednesday. (And this week it was exacerbated by a condo emergency tonight.)

And, too, this week is particularly busy with grand-nephew, Matt Dunstone's (Manitoba), rink curling in the Canadian Junior Men's Curling Championship in Fort McMurray. The family follows his games online at which is wonderful but since Mom (great-grandmother) doesn't have a computer, DS Shirley and I take turns keeping Mom up-to-date on what's happening. Next game is 8 a.m. Friday and it's my turn.

Then I have a lunch meeting at Joanne's with the MEE committee to discuss all the suggestions we've received for the club project for next year.

AND I have to prepare for the workshop I'm going to lead at my place on this coming Tuesday making the table from scratch...the one I'll try to post the tutorial for over the weekend.

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