Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MEE meeting tonight

Some Show and Tell:

Wendy brought in the table she had made at our workshop last week. And Pat brought in three tables she had made from the tutorial.

Pat is one of our newer club members so it was great to see what she did with the tutorial.

Natasha is another of our newer club members. In a very short time, she is doing incredible work with Fimo - particularly her wonderful baking. (We stand in line hoping to grab her discards VBG as her worst is WAY better than anything I can do!) You can follow her work on her blog or on Facebook.

She's been making a lot of new things besides baking lately including these wonderful men's and ladies' folded shirts that she gifted me with tonight.

I actually have been working on the attic over the past few days and hopefully I'll have progress to show you tomorrow (along with some giggles over my method for this particular new step).

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  1. Pat did a wonderful job on the tables Maureen! I wish I'd been there but I know the others had a great time. It was so nice of you to host..we all appreciate it when you do. Thank you. And thanks for the mention..so sweet of you; I am grateful to get my name out there however it does. I hope to 'see you next Tuesday'! Lol. Mini hugs