Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowman tutorial

The snowmen that Barb and I made on Boxing Day with her granddaughter, Cassandra, were fun and easy to make. I just happened to have some 1/2" plastic snowflakes so we made these just a bit differently. They can either be hung on a tree or displayed on a table or fireplace mantle.

I know I said I would post this yesterday but I couldn't find my embroidery thread to make the scarves. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! That still hasn't happened but I did find a package of 12" pieces of bunka that Luba gave me as part of our Pass It On Challenge on Canada Minis so I used it to finish my snowman from Boxing Day.


(From bottom up on the left)
1 plastic snowflake
1 8 mm white bead
1 6 mm white bead
1 6 mm black sequin (you could substitute a 6 mm circle cut from black construction paper)
2 black seed beads

1 head pin
1 inch long piece of bunka or embroidery thread
a black micro pen
Weldbond or Tacky glue (or you could use super glue)

toothpick for the glue
wire cutters to shorten the head pin if necessary
needle nose pliers to loop the end of the head pin

Stack the snowflake and beads on the head pin in the order shown. When the glue is completely dry, use the needle nose pliers to form the hook at the top of the ornament. Make a scarf from embroidery thread or unravelled bunka. Use the micro pen to add the face and buttons.

Cassandra used tiny slivers of orange fun foam to add carrot noses to her snowmen:

Of course you can make them without the snowflake base...and you can use larger beads and sequins as long as you keep things in proportion.

I really like this wall hanging made with a similar snowman. The hanging is made from a piece of velvet ribbon on a 1/4" jump ring and the snowman is glued to it.

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