Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Catch up

This is going to be long so I can get caught up and start afresh for the New Year.

I told you that I was giving DS Shirley the miniature of our Dad's workshop. Here she is checking out all the items in it.

DS Marie gave me this wonderful set of storage cans on a magnetic strip. Had thought about putting them on the side of my desk then remembered that my work table had a metal strip along the top edge that would be perfect for it.
 Here it is on the edge of the desk:

DS Shirley gave me these wonderful photo papers. The one on the left has an adhesive back but what I like most is the fact that is is a matte photo paper - that's really hard to find. The pack on the right has magnetic backing.

The cigars from Santa had this lovely plaid ribbon. I can see it as upholstery on dining room chairs.

BFF Joanne gave me this wonderful gift box house filled with wonderful packages of baking (already eaten), a new set of paint brushes and an incredible mini gingerbread house kit that she made.

The gingerbread house kit:

 In RL, Sean and Julie (and the grands) gave me money to spend in Chicago and Leanne and Robert gave me this keyboard. I've missed my music for a long time and am so looking forward to getting back to playing again.

These are bits and pieces from Christmas that I saved to my stash :

From left to right:
some wired gauze ribbon
heavy cotton ribbon
some very fine plastic tubing with wire inside
some great sheets of clear plastic for windows, etc.
plastic tabs that hold clothing, etc., together (These will become the lollipops/suckers for Vern's attic.)

I took five books back to the condo library today. Unfortunately, after shelving them and all the new contributions to the library, I brought back seven!

Before Christmas, Leanne bought several things at Michael's for me:

Photo boxes - Six for $10 
 Unfortunately, this means I have to actually sort through all the boxes of pictures from the time Sean and Leanne were babies!!

Something else on my To-Do list!!!

These incredible tiles: regular $7 for $1.49. If I had seen them would have bought WAY more!

Mini friend, Barb, brought her grand-daughter, Cassandra, downstairs on Boxing Day and we made some wonderful snowman ornaments! I'll do a tutorial on these tomorrow.

So for the New Year:

1. Work on my mini UFOs

2. Exercise more and watch my diet.

3. Put more music in my life.

4. Read (that is such a given that I hesitate to include it here) but I'm hoping that I'll be able to temper the reading a bit and mini a bit more.

5. AND the big one, try to blog more often...and especially, blog more tutorials

I did go next door this afternoon and buy a new rotary cutter so I can get working on the fabric bolts for the Quilt Shop.


  1. Happy New Year Maureen. What a treasure of gifts you have. It is wonderful to have more than one hobby I think and I hope that for both of us we can do some music, I have a piano that I have not touched in years, read some wonderful books, I have a stash waiting for me too, and to use all of these mini items that we have stashed in the past year. I promise to blog more as I get things done too. sound like you are going to chicago ?? You lucky woman. I expect to hear lots then from you and who are you going with???? Jealous in Penticton ; ) J

  2. Happy New Year to you Judy. Let's both of us get on our keyboards and make some wonderful music...
    And work on our UFOs!!! Seems I make that resolution every year but the new projects get in the way.
    I'll be blogging about Chicago later and telling you all my plans!
    Hugs, Maureen