Friday, December 14, 2012

Check out your Christmas cards...

Some Christmas cards (and envelope linings) have great mini possibilities. The envelope from the card from my sister Carol has a beautiful gold foil lining that I know I can use at some point!

These two cards are from miniaturists but there are so many others that may have possibilities.

At the MEE Christmas party, member Teena gave us these cards with incredible  holographic scenes on them (plus some wonderful book and magazine printies).

I wish there was some way to show the card as I see it. Not only do the trees and houses appear in 3-D, Santa and his sleigh appear to move across the sky.

And dear friend Joanne gave me this card...the Christmas scene in red is all cut out and separate from the snowflake background.

The cards make me want to make a couple Christmas room boxes just so I can use them. LOL

This is a room box that I made for my mother many Christmases ago. A major feature in it is a false wall about 1" in from the back of the box so the scene through the picture window appears to be in the distance. You can't tell from the picture (because of the reflection) but it looks like there is a forest of snow-covered trees outside the window.

If I could take this apart, I would either (1) replace the original scene behind the window with the holographic picture, or (2) cut out Santa and his sleigh from Joanne's card and have them flying over the snow-covered trees.

Received the cutest card from Barb S. today. Enclosed were two wonderful tiny (3/16") laser cut ornaments that will go in the Christmas shop. (I won't even try to photograph them for you.)

But the verse in it was one of the nicest I've seen:

May your holidays be wrapped in
happiness and trimmed with the love
of family and friends.

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