Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trip to Ontario, Bowmanville Show

I left here the morning of October 31. Flight was a few minutes late arriving in Toronto and my cell phone died just as I told Sean we were approaching the terminal :-( but we managed to find each other and be on our way to Peterborough.

Bless their hearts, Harry Potter (Jonah) and Cherry Jam (Holly) waited until I arrived at 6:30 so i could go   trick or treating with them!

Over the next few days, we had such a wonderful time visiting and playing together. Got to attend two of Jonah's hockey practices and was there when he scored his first goal!

I don't feel comfortable putting pictures of Jonah and Holly here  in a public forum. 

On Sunday, November 4, Sean and Jonah drove me to Bowmanville for the show and sale there. A great addition to a wonderful visit.

Got out of the car and was greeted with a warm hug from Fay Leisorek. (That sort of blew DS Sean away)  Went in and immediately saw Samm Brockhurst, then Dale from Petite Images and Liz Dieleman from Grandpa's Dollhouse. Kelly from Orono was just leaving but had a chance to say hello before she did. Talked with her, Janet Harvie and Patricia S. for a minute then Karen B. joined us. So wonderful to see everyone! And later I got to meet Liz West whom I 'knew' from Canada Minis.

Seeing all these friends and meeting Liz W. made the trip worthwhile but I also managed to get in some shopping. LOL

I had made some previous arrangements with Samm to buy some of her Dad's gluing jigs for myself and some MEE members.

Dad Gerry, and Samm gifted me with a beautiful teak cabinet.

I don't buy a great deal at shows any more. My stash is SO large that unless an item fits into a project OR is ridiculously cheap OR is special in some way (give myself a lot of leeway, don't I? VBG)

But I did pick up a few things.......

This sales counter will probably work in the Christmas Shop:

The mounted moose head should end up in the cabin.

The ultimate purchase was this coffee maker for Vern's attic. The Chrysnbon glasses, bell, pitcher and candy dishes will work anywhere so will come in handy.

At 25 cents per set, I got four of these sets of pots and pans for friends who are newbies.

I was very pleased to get this Bible and paper weight for $2.00. I used my last Bible in the church that I gave my mother's friend, Edith, and am glad to have another in my stash. I know I can bash this into our family bible.

From Grandpa's Dollhouse: I always like to have measuring spoons, pin cushions and scissors on hand for quick baking/sewing vignettes. The grater is for one of my is SO perfect.

Liz West carries beautiful 1:48 kits. I bought one as a gift for a friend (so won't show it here). She also had some pieces in 1:12, including this wonderful 2" statue that I couldn't resist.

My friend Karen gifted me with these lovely roasts and sausages.

Oh, my, Greg Matusovsky was there with his silver.Don't know what to say - absolutely incredible work! I had no intention of buying a piece - until I saw his work! This is just a little Art Deco photo frame (about 1/2" tall) but look at the detail!

 Even the stand is done in filigree!

As you can understand, this is one of the least expensive items that he offers. His samovars are the most incredible works of art!

I'm so pleased to have even one small piece of his work.

Now, I had had the pleasure of meeting Janet Harvie at Camp Mini Ha Ha a few years ago and have followed her work for some time. Her expertise is in upholstered furniture, dressed beds and window dressings.

She had this chair and loveseat on her table:

I fell in love with it - but had no place to put it - so decided not to get it.....

Went outside at 3 p.m. to meet Sean - then ran back in, found Janet, and bought it!

Tried it in the Bombay House and it didn't quite work ....but I'm still SO pleased to have it!

Glen Anderson was also one of the dealers at Bowmanville. He makes beautiful furniture, period and modern. I loved his Acrobat piece. Unfortunately I was unable to meet with him to tell him how much I admire his work.

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