Friday, September 7, 2012

The ArtWalk

Several of the pictures in the Art Gallery were fridge magnets bought at art galleries in Dartmouth, NS.  Oops, when I went to put a link there, I just realized I hadn't done a fotki album of the Art Gallery but if you're new here, the blogs about it from beginning to end run from August 7 to August 14.

So it was wonderful to see that artist Judy Schafers had some prints of her work mounted on foamcore for sale at her display along the ArtWalk. I grabbed up one that I fell in love with:

By Judy Schafers, St. Albert, 5 1/4" x 2 1/2"
(Had to take the picture at an angle to eliminate glare)
 She had another that I should have bought :-( The fridge magnets aren't on her website but she does do miniature paintings on wood and some are small enough for 1:12 scale and are a very reasonable price for original works of art. Beautiful work!

SO I ended up replacing the red glass sculpture above the art gallery counter with the new artwork. Just perfect!

In RL found two artists at the Art Beat Gallery whose works I fell in love with: Marianna Mikhaylyan (you have to see her work  in person - pictures simply do not do it justice) and Tinyan Chan (pictures still don't quite do the paintings justice but closer).

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