Friday, August 10, 2012

More goodies for the art gallery

I got thinking and went to another bulletin board and found these possibilities. Top row: the top of a costume jewellery ring that always reminded me of a sculpture; three sailing ships cut in plexiglass; one of two totem poles; a couple dream catchers. Middle: pipe. Bottom: A very old brooch that has always reminded me of a wall hanging my roommate used to have (it was silver coloured - I painted it with glass stain); plastic polar bear from the mini Museum in Tucson; and a smaller polar bear.

I bought this little polar bear on a rock from Michelle Alberni of Boyne Miniatures at our show a year or two ago.

Dug out these possible stands for pieces.

From my CMHH stash:

Boxes, shopping bags, paper bags and tissue paper from Dale at Petite Images, Port Perry, Ontario..

An inukshuk from Debbie Gabura, Ontario.

Don't know who this little shelf came from.

Samm Brockhurst, Ontario, made the little display stand below. I've given it one coat of gloss paint so far. Need to sand it with brown paper and give it another coat.

Tip: If you don't have gloss paint but want a glossy finish on a piece of furniture, you can mix your paint about 2 to 1 with Tacky glue.

Here's the better picture I promised of Sherry Parker's, Nova Scotia, painting on slate. Isn't it gorgeous!

 This incredible cash register (filled with coins and bills with an extra little bag of change) by Elizabeth Read, Ontario, was a gift at CMHH.

This pottery mug is by Jo-Ann Shaw, Nova Scotia.

Agate slice table on pastry cutter base used to display the red glass sculpture.

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