Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Canada Post

This just keeps getting better and better -  NOT.

Had a nice visit with my DS Carol and DBIL Fred over breakfast at Mom's this morning then walked down to the post office to pick up my parcel.

The post office was closed because "the staff couldn't be bothered to come to work this morning".


  1. Oh Maureen! I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you!

  2. There was finally someone there this afternoon so I was able to pick up the parcel!

  3. Oh, Maureen, I can totally relate! A couple months back I was expecting some packages, one of which contains several minis I had ordered from Dollhouse Emporium Canada. So I was pretty excited to get that parcel in particular! My husband takes our car to work, so I walk or bus it to do errands. Since we live in an apartment, if I'm there, the postal worker will buzz the apartment and I'll come down and get it. But if I miss them it goes to our local post office. It's about 3 blocks away, that,s fine. So I go over there with the notice the worker left in my mailbox, stand it line. A teenage girl barely glances at it and says, You have the wrong post office. I was pretty tired by then as I was carrying other packages. So I called a cab. He took me to a post office in Hazledean and I started to think, what is going on here?
    The postal clerk at that office was a middle aged lady who was actually helpful. She looked at the notice, looked at my address, and said it had been sent to that office by mistake.
    Oh, and also the parcels hadn't arrived yet. She said I could wait a bit. The one good thing that came out of that journey was I looked around the small dollar store attached to the small post office and found shadow boxes perfect for miniature scenes, and small notebooks that you could carefully rip the pages out, cut down and make your own books with.
    Eventually I gave up, cabbed it back home, and later in the day the lady from Hazeldean post office called and sent she had the packages sent to my local post office. When I went to pick them up though, the packages did not include my mini order!
    I have to laugh about that in hindsight. Not funny at the time though!