Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bar room just about finished...

What a productive day!

First I dry-fitted the pieces for the bar counter:

 Then I stained everything and gave both counters a couple coats of gloss varnish:
 Here's the bar put together before the counters went on:
 Then I got on a roll (and forgot to take pictures). You can see from the top counter than I can actually do mitred corners when I put my mind to it LOL.
 Was in quite a panic when I couldn't find the pumps but they finally appeared (where they were supposed to be) and I added some silver and red trim.
In place on the counter.
Over a year ago !!! I started work on the bar stools. And curved the wood to make the backs. Today I made a template and cut out the backs and stained them.
Here I've glued the back to the first stool. Then I covered the seats of the other two and attached the backs.

I still have to put a footrail on the bar and add some accessories but the end is in sight!

The detective's office above the bar:

Both rooms:

Now I'm off to bed...

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