Monday, July 16, 2012

The MEE roombox sale

Noon today was the deadline for bids on the roomboxes that were donated to MEE for sale. I had bid on 9 of the pieces but only ended up with three.

I had hoped to get the Tartan shop for my art gallery but didn't bid high enough.

I wanted this roombox and Joanne wanted the contents so we bid together and got it. With the plexiglass front AND top, it would be great for the art gallery. On the other hand, my oriental collection has outgrown the setting I had envisioned for it and it would be great with the green paint replaced with a black or red lacquer finish and that gold trim.

I got the wall hanging to hang on my apartment door.

I got the New Orleans house for next to nothing. Have nothing in mind for it at the moment but something may occur to me. Front is nicely done.

I didn't realize until I got it home that there's a little storage drawer below the lower left room. The second wall front the left on the main floor is really strange. There's a door on the right hand side but the wall is solid on the left hand side - in fact the shelving unit on the right in the picture below this was was glued to the wall opposite the door?!?

The 'wrought iron' scroll work is printed on transparencies. The wood sections framing them needs to be repaired by they're lovely pieces.

The set of books was tucked away in the storage drawer.

This half mannequin with 'pearls', headband and handbag was in the house.

There was also a couple sheets of brick paper and a door handle with two keys so the house itself owes me nothing.

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