Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HP Printer - another side of customer service

You may remember that my Canon Pixma iP3500 died on me (It was an WONDERFUL printer that didn't owe me a penny.)..and that, on the advice(based on my printer use) from the salesman at Staples, I bought an HP OfficejetPro8600 to replace it.

From Day One, I was disappointed with this printer but only because I could not get it to print on card stock even though the specs told me that it should. And, as fellow miniaturists, you know how important this is to me.

And I'm telling you that from Day Two when I first researched and complained to HP about the problem, they have been wonderful.

We have not yet come to a solution but after the first formulaic replies that you get from any 'help' line (when they pick out one or two key words and miss the actual problem entirely), they have listened to me and replied to me and, so far, I think we are going to find a good solution to the problem.

At this point, they offered to replace the printer, then advised me that they don't have a replacement of that exact model to send me. So someone higher up has to make a decision as to the next step.

But people are hearing my complaints....and answering my questions.

So maybe there are some companies out there that really listen and reply to us as we hope.

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