Thursday, April 19, 2012

Odds and Ends

Went to club meeting on Tuesday night.

Unfortunately forgot my camera so don't have any pictures of the incredible hot dog/hamburger stand that Carol K. is making for the "Little Fair on the Prairie" display at the September show and sale. It's from a Joann Swanson project and it's just SO perfect!

Barb S. was selling some snack plates and some wonderful laser cut pieces. Got four of the laser cut pieces for my Christmas shop (Yes, it does exist and, yes, I will get back to working on it one of these days) and two snack plates for my picnic table at the Fair.

I know that Sunni taught us how to do this ourselves last workshop but I'd much rather buy than try to make food. LOL

And here's the little doll with a doll that I won as a door prize. (Made by my friend Judy Mitchell.)

Joanne had brought in some duplicate Nutshell News to sell. Didn't have my  list with me but took a chance on three - of course, I already had two of them. Oh, well...

Still in the process of reading the one that is new to me but have already come across one tip that I think will come in handy.

TIP: On areas that are difficult to reach with a paint brush, try painting with a Q-tip bent so it will curve into those spaces.

and another use for Q-tips from DD Leanne.

TIP: If you have a wall-hung sink and want to show the drain pipe, the plastic stick from a Q-tip will work. You can heat the plastic in a pot of boiling water then shape it OR you can straighten a paper clip and run it through the centre to keep the plastic from kinking too badly when you shape it. (If it does kink you can generally reshape it with a pinch from your needle nose pliers.) Paint silver or black, glue to the bottom of the sink and the wall and there you have it!


  1. Congrats, you got the MTW Award 2012 :). See