Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday afternoon

After leaving the museum on Thursday afternoon, we headed over to Miniature Memories where we met up with Dottie and some members of the Tucson club. They even had Canadian flags for us - and snacks and cool drinks. Great visit.

In addition to her Miss Tinkham scene she had shown us the night before, Dottie brought in this vignette she had done for a friend with a Partelow piano. She had mentioned it in The Camp and I had asked to see it so I could see a Partelow piano. What a work of art!

Did do a bit of shopping. I'm really looking forward to using the new mitre box. In addition to the 45 and 90 degree angles, it has 30, 60 and 67.5 degree angles, pegs to hold the wood being cut in place, AND the slots for the saw blade are thinner so I think my cuts will be improved.

Also got a lovely banker's lamp, an angel food cake pan, two bird of paradise flowers, a plastic sink and bathtub and shower fixtures.
Also got a Christmas tree for my friend Barb who is doing a Christmas roombox as her first miniature project.

Friday morning we went to Dottie's to see her incredible collection. Here are pictures of only a few pieces. There was just so much to see - and all of it so beautifully done.

Her teapot collection:

I'm SO disappointed that this picture didn't turn out :-( I've seen many laundry rooms done in Tide boxes (and I've even done one myself) but I've never before seen one done in a vending size Tide box.

An indoor/outdoor scene done in a plastic Christmas ornament:

Her 'me' room (a room that reflects you and your favourite things):

The strawberry room:
 Dottie took this picture from a magazine:
 And recreated it in miniature...
 and even added her vision of the inside of the house behind the porch.

Love this little walled garden:

 Dottie's 'house' plant:

Two views of her piece based on "The Borrowers"

Great little Southwestern scene:

Sewing room done in a sewing room:

The Egyptian collection:

Travel trailer:
It was such a joy to see so many beautiful miniatures!

We went for a lovely lunch of chinese food then headed back toward Phoenix.

On the way we stopped in Mesa for the show of the Arizona Quilters Guild. I'm not a quilter myself but I appreciate the work and artistry that goes into them. And, my, there were some real works of art!

Even before we went into the show, we saw this very unique use of quilting:

Then on to Phoenix...and the show and sale on Saturday!

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  1. wow some amazing work there! Love the singer sewing room!