Saturday, March 3, 2012

T5 final pieces

Last night after I blogged, I was looking through my beads and came across a leaf bead so while the gesso was still wet I added the bead to the front of the plant pot. This morning I painted the pot terra cotta and the bead green.

Here a tea leaf/glue  mixture has been added to the plant pot.

I took about 3/4" from the end of a round toothpick and glued the plant leaves to it. When that glue was dried, I glued the end of the toothpick
and planted it in the pot.

Also last night I found this butterfly bead. The left hand side has been painted with the Sakura 3D glaze pens, the body with black marker, while the right hand side hasn't yet been recoloured.

I used a straight pin to add the completely painted butterfly to the plant pot.

I printed a label from the internet and wrapped it around two cotton balls for a package of quilt batting.

I stripped the four Q-tips of their cotton ends and painted them green with a marker.
 And used them to frame the mirror.

I heated the pin on a small push pin with a match and used pliers to remove it. Added a fingernail sticker to the push pin, added a bead for a light bulb and another bead for the shade.

 I cut the picture from this greeting card to add a window to the wall.

 Now I have to find something to put the scene in.

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