Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grandpa's dollhouse order

Before I could properly go through my order from Liz, I had to put away all the stuff I got in Arizona. Most was sorted and went either into the appropriate project boxes or bulletin boards in my stash but a few things went directly into the corner cabinet in the Bombay living room.

The top two shelves now contain souvenirs of the Arizona trip and the polar bear on the third shelf goes with the Inuit prints on the wall.

Now to leisurely enjoy looking at my items from Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse. Wow! Check out that wonderful new modern dinner set on her home page. Very smart as is - but wouldn't it be great with  some geometric black accents added with a fine black permanent marker!? And that desk calendar comes with calendars for each month from December 2011 to December 2012. (Not that I'd ever remember to change them. Leanne still gives me grief because my wall calendar above my desk is stuck on May 2008! I do have a reason for that however - that calendar is from The Camp and has a picture of Dennis's office which I consider one of my very best miniature pieces.)

(Not shown is the wooden trim that she found for me that I mentioned yesterday or the three sets of measuring spoons that I've already put away. The measuring spoons are great to have on hand to throw together a little baking scene as a gift.)

I bought four wired bulbs to make lamps. (And I'm all set to go with the brass findings I bought at the Phoenix show and sale.) Also got one of the new battery-operated LED lamps. It will work well in the alcove off the sitting room/office in the Bombay house when I get the window seat built in that.

The corner cabinet will go in my stash for now. They work so well in those small dollhouse rooms and they're just great in any room to display special pieces. The wing chair will go in the Bombay living room to replace the leather arm chair that's in it now. Don't know just where the glass display cabinet will go but it's a beauty and will definitely show off some of my glass/porcelain/silver pieces.

I LOVE grab bags and was fortunate to win this $10 one from Liz. The first lamp is a great modern piece that I'm anxious to find a spot for and the second will work in my log cabin if I ever get around to working on it. Four clock faces, a resin miniature cottage, two dogs, a turtle, pants and top, two cushions, two oval mirrors, a great little silver-tone wishing well, telephone, basket, and orchard delivery wagon with extra wheels and handles.

These were in the $5 grab bag that I bought: two picture frames (can always use those); 4 engraved metal plates, fishing net, flocked bunny, basket, doll wig, basket, cake, bags, boxes, clip board, platter, cutlery, baskets, sled, umbrellas (great for baby/wedding shower scene) and bowling pins and ball (great for some kind of game stall at our fair for the show and sale in September).

Now I have to bag all this and put it away :-(

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