Friday, February 24, 2012

Working in chaos

No wonder I can't find anything - even if I've just used it!

Surrounding my computer: 18 various pens, pencils, and markers

From the dining room table: 8 pens, pencils and markers, 4 paint brushes

From the coffee table: 18 pens, pencils and markers, 3 paint brushes, 1 clear nail polish and THREE bottles of silver nail polish!

Not to mention the four X-Acto knives and 7 pair of scissors I've already put away!

The good news is that I found the first set of St. Albert books that I made for Arizona. That was really frustrating me so last night before bed I got thinking that the last time I remembered seeing them was when I worked on  them at Tina's and that I had transported them in a transparency box (have about a dozen of these from my working days that I use for storing small/flat things). There were four of them on the coffee table shelf and when I checked them AGAIN, sure enough, there the books  were in the bottom box!

Hit the jackpot (mini, of course) at the meeting on Tuesday night:

Luba dropped off all these lovely pieces of bunka that I got from her on the Canada Minis Pass It On Challenge.

My name was drawn for a door prize and I got these great cushions! Either for my Christmas shop or my soft furnishings cart.

And since our birthday lady, Barb. S., won't be at the March meeting, she gave me my birthday gift early - this lovely corkboard/whiteboard.

Now the work begins...still tables to be cleared...but the big thing is to get out all my bulletin boards and sort through these boxes and put everything away in the proper categories.

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