Monday, February 13, 2012

More fun with glue, new project

The piece of Tacky glue that I spread out on Saturday dried nicely and it cut pretty well with the scrapbooking scissors. Here I've used the stylus and mouse pad to indicate the bottom of the plate. (Unfortunately I did it more or less freehand and it's not as centred as it should be.)

Thought I'd try painting the bottom of the paint with black nail polish but the last time I used it, I didn't screw the top on properly (hanging head in shame) so it's too thick to use. So I coloured the bottom of the plate with permanent black marker - looks great and virtually no drying time!

Right side up

And here it is after the top was painted with Delta Ceramcoat sparkle glaze.

Thanks to Chris S. in Waterloo I've been having a lot of fun with this.

New Project: Spoke with DD Leanne this morning and her day care society is having a silent auction mid-March and would I be interested in donating a mini scene? I don't have anything on hand to donate but I have a couple of those boxes from Dollarama that are currently empty.

If it were later in the year, I'd probably do a Christmas scene but I'm out of the Lemax Christmas trees that I've always used for these (Canadian Tire used to carry these but haven't seen them there the last couple years) and, quite honestly, I used to make three and four Christmas vignettes a year and I'm Christmas'ed out.

But the other day I was looking at all the wonderful scrapbooking tutorials and printies on mishellyszoo. I've made a lot of things from her site and love her tutorials.

With the popularity of scrapbooking, I think that a scrapbooking vignette should hopefully attract some bids. So I guess I have a new project to get working on...and the dozen or so UFOs will remain unfinished for a bit (?) longer. I leave for Arizona on March 7 so will have to have it done by then.

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