Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mommy/Daughter Day Out

What an enjoyable day!

First had Leanne check out the scrapbooking vignette. She loved it and throughout the day had some ideas of what could be added to it.

Armed with our 25% off coupons, we headed for Michael's. Had fun looking around but didn't buy anything.

For those who do 1:24 scale, I spotted a tube of Safari people (chef, fireman, policeman, mailman, pilot, construction worker, female vet (?)). This one was $13.49. At about 2.5", they're a tad on the short side but you might be able to make them work depending on the scene. Safari makes several of these sets including a great one of Egyptian artifacts. Amazon carries four of them. Wow! I looked a bit further because Michael's had some Safari palm trees and some really wonderful fir trees that I wanted to mention so I checked Safari on Amazon and got 1423 results! I only looked through the first 10 pages and didn't see the trees although did spot a tube of several different trees that you might want to check out. There's a Chinese dragon on the third page that I'd like to get for my oriental scene when I get around to it.

In her Friday newsletter, Leslie Shepherd mentioned Sakura 3D crystal lacquer. Tina and Lucille had mentioned it earlier at a meeting when they were telling us about a cruise workshop they had taken and Leslie's mention just gave me the final nudge to look for it.

We went to Creative Scrapbooks, 17010 - 90 Avenue, Edmonton (across from West Edmonton Mall). I had been there before a couple years ago and it's a great resource for miniaturists. Asked about the Sakura 3D crystal lacquer. They don't sell that one but do sell Inkssentials Glossy accents and said it's the same basic thing so I bought a bottle of that and a quilting book for my DS Carol.

After that we headed to West Edmonton Mall - first stop, Dollarama! Not one of my better Dollarama trips. However, they did have the Bratz clothing set that I mentioned after my last trip.

The shoes are too big but the clothes would look great draped around a teenage girl's room. And I may be able to hang some of them in the wardrobe in the Bombay house.

Lego only seems to come in kits for specific projects these days so if you're looking for them to use as gluing jigs, they're hard to find unless you can 'borrow' some from a child or get some at a garage sale. But you can get a knock-off at Dollarama for a dollar.

Spotted these and thought they might have a mini application. Thought the top might be 3D and work for a 1:144 Christmas tree but it's flat so that's out. However, it might work for a fish skeleton. And I'm sure I'll think of a use for the little ball sections.  Even if I don't think of anything else, they'll be good as glue applicators as the dried glue is easily removed from the plastic.

Next, we checked out deSerres. Didn't see anything that tempted me in their specialty paper section (which is now downstairs) but did pick up some Weldbond glue (was running low). Was very disappointed that their Pick-A-Bead table has been downsized to about 4' x 4'. They used to have the most incredible selection.

Leanne spotted the Sekura 3D glaze pen sets. The large set was a whopping $30 so I decided to buy the six pen set for $15. Then Leanne overheard a clerk mentioning quilling and she reminded me that I needed a new quilling tool. Had a senior moment before I remembered what I use it for. Anyway, I use it to make canned goods for a pantry.

We did some other non-mini shopping and stopped by her place to see a piece of artwork that she had bought in Las Vegas and pick up the Coconut M&Ms she bought me in the U.S.

Stopped for groceries on the way home and ran into Cheryl's daughter and grandkids!

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