Sunday, January 22, 2012

Looking good

I just sat for a while this morning and looked at my lit dollhouse:

I've run into two major problems.

The crown molding on the right side of the half wall juts out about 1/16" past the wall. It looked just fine when I dry-fitted it but of course now it's in place with wood glue. I'm just hoping I can trim it down enough to make it work properly. Would be so much easier to do if I could just turn the house upside down but that's not really an option with the bathtub in place in the bathroom. So wish  me luck with that one.

The other thing I saw coming last night. With that partial stairwell wall in place, the floor template can't be shifted to the right to pull it out. The easiest solution, and I really hope it works, will be to trim the doorsill from underneath so the template will just slide under it. If that doesn't work, I'll have to remove the partial wall (which, of course, is solidly glued in place) and reattach it with poster velcro so it can be removed if I need to pull the floor out.

Didn't sleep too well last night so after my company leaves this morning, I'm going to curl  up with a (hopefully) good book and worry about these things tomorrow. VBG

I still have nine days to meet my (self-imposed) deadline of finishing the house by the end of January so think I'm okay on that.

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