Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bombay house wiring completed

Well, almost....

The front kitchen overhead light wasn't working when I took the picture but it's working fine now. Unfortunately the overhead light in the bedroom area isn't working (and, of course, it's the one light I didn't test before installing - other than the fireplace embers).

This is the mess of wires on the back of the house - connected to make sure things were working.

Here I've named and colour coded each wire.

I will take the wires from each area of the house and plug them into three-socket extension cords. Not only will this help tidy up the wires, each extension cord will plug into the main power cord and from there I will be able to turn on the power room by room.
I only have two of these extension cords but I ordered more from Victoria Miniland and when they arrive, I'll do the tidy-up on the back of the house.

Now I have to play around with the bedroom area and decide if I'm going to wall off the sleeping/dressing area from the office/sitting room part.

But my immediate problem is the overhead light in the bedroom. Hopefully it's just a loose bulb....could I be so lucky?

It turned out to be a poor connection in the plug but only confirmed that after I took the fixture apart and confirmed that the bulb wasn't the problem. Oh, well, at least it's now working!

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