Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bathtub, toilet and hutch in

I finished filling the hutch and put it in place:

Took another look at the vacuum cleaner and decided I needed to paint it to make it look more realistic:
Added a handle to the toilet tank and put it and the toilet paper holder in place:

The vanity still isn't finished. Found my hardware box and have handles for the drawers but having a big problem trying to decided what to do about the faucet and taps so it's still on the drawing board.

Decided to tile around the bathtub even though I haven't yet decided to put in a shower. A while back I showed you a couple headbands that I bought because they looked like great small tiles. The problem at this point was that they were silver and black and I needed gold and black. So I took my gold Pilot pen and painted the centres of each piece.

You can see where the upper right is now gold.
I glued these pieces onto black cardboard starting 1 1/4" up. The bottom 1 1/4" will be attached to the bathtub with carpet tape.


Once the tile walls were attached to the bathtub, I should have put the additional carpet tape to hold it in place on the bathroom walls and slid the bathtub into place. But I didn't! I put it on the back of the tile walls and ended up positioning the tub too high and couldn't reposition it without damaging the walls. 

Fortunately, the tub was at least level - about 5/16" off the floor but level. I ended up cutting a piece of 1/4" balsa topped with matboard to make a base to fit under the tub. Perfect fit!

I actually think that the tub looks better being a bit higher so I guess it all worked out in the long run. There is some of the white showing from the base of the tub so have to deal with that too.

Hopefully I'll figure out the vanity tomorrow and get it finished. Then I'll be able to finish accessorizing.

Still need to add the door and window frames, curtain rod and make curtains.

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