Friday, July 15, 2011

Duct tape

I got my Sewing Savvy newsletter this morning and this week's free project is a cell phone holder with the decorative element being decorative duct tape!

So I Googled it (of course) and found some on Amazon where they carry it in 10 different designs. (Roll your cursor over the boxes under Color and pictures of the various designs will appear.) Also saw another place where they had it in a black and white racing flag design.

So I was thinking that it must have some sort of mini applications. Wonder if you could use the wood grain one for flooring, the houndstooth or leopardskin to upholster strong wooden furniture for children's use (would certainly be sturdy enough). Could the grass one be used somehow for landscaping - maybe not a full lawn, but maybe a little strip of grass along a sidewalk? Thought you could make a planter using the bamboo tape wrapped around a piece of the cardboard tube inside wrapping paper. A decorative border in a little girl's room from the polka dot tape?

The narrowness of the tape and the direction of the pattern would limit the possibilities I guess. But wait, the newsletter mentioned 'sheets' of duct tape so I re-Googled and Michael's in the States carries them (8 1/2 x 11).

Fun to see where your mind/imagination might take you.

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