Monday, July 11, 2011

Containers for scenes part 1

You don’t have to build a roombox or a dollhouse to house a miniature scene. Look around your home with a mini eye. Check out garage sales for breadboxes and aquariums. Hallowe’en scenes can be done in plastic pumpkins. A Teddy Bears’ picnic could be displayed in a basket. Gift bags can be used (see yesterday's post).

Check out the links to my fotki site for more pictures and information on the projects.

My dad's workshop done in an old wooden roll-top breadbox found at a garage sale. 

This breadbox from Russia will eventually become the home of the Three Bears. It even has a built-in shelf dividing it into two stories. It was given to me by a teacher who was retiring.

Camping scene done in an aquarium for another sister. This aquarium was given to me by another teacher. You can often find them at garage sales - and you don't have to worry if they're still watertight. 

It's perfect for an outdoor scene such as this but you can also line the glass with matboard for walls. You could also build your scene on a wooden base and use the aquarium upside down for a dust-free cover.

More to come over the next few days.

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