Monday, June 6, 2011

Slow day

Here's the back shelving so far. The red counter is just set in place for now as I think I'm going to put a small sink in it under the mirror. Plus I need to make a few adjustments to the fit.

The 'glass' also needs to be added.

I didn't take pictures as I made this as it was a sort of 'by guess and by golly' project and I was constantly making adjustments as it came together.

Love my Lego blocks. They're wonderful for spacing shelves. Here I glued the shelves in place
 and glued the upright in later. This minimized the chances of smearing glue where I didn't want it when putting the shelves in place.
Still haven't decided where I'll be putting doors and what type I'll be using.

The 25th Anniversary concert of Les Miserables was on again tonight. Although I think I prefer the 10th Anniversary concert, I absolutely love Les Mis and think I've watched it almost everytime it's been on.

One of the volunteer jobs I have here in the condo is looking after the library. A neighbour and I alphabetized the books last year and I now shelf the books as they are returned or we get new donations. Not an onerous job but much too tempting most days...usually find at least one book that looks really interesting and that I just have to bring home and read. And a book a day does cut into my mini-ing time. LOL

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