Monday, June 6, 2011

One section of shelving finished

Whew! I never would have believed this little bit took SO long. What with doing the work, internet searches to try and figure out the next step, and blogging about it, I'm up to about seven hours......

I wanted the upper left hand cupboard to be filled with liquor bottles but there was no way I was going to spend that kind of money. (Not to mention the fact blush  that those shelves are a bit too close together for actual bottles....something about measure first?!?) But we won't go there.....

I took a picture of the bottles I did have:
 sized it so the bottles would fit the shelves and printed several copies of it on 110# cardstock
 Cut the picture out with about 3/8" of cardstock below the bottom edge of the bottles. Folded the extra cardstock back at a 45 degree angle and glued the bottles near the front of the shelf. I later found another picture of bottles on the internet and did the same thing with that and glued it to the third shelf.

Cut a piece of matboard the size of the three shelves.
 Measured in 1/4" from the edge and cut out the centre.
 On the back, I measured in about 3/16", cut through the top layers of the matboard and peeled away some of the layers of paper.
I thought I had pictures of the next couple steps but guess not. On the front of the frame I scored mitre marks in the corners then stained the whole thing brown. Then I cut a piece of the aluminum mesh to fit into the recessed section of the back and glued the mesh in place.

Used a silk ribbon hinge to attach the door and added a Houseworks nail for a door handle.

Now I have to figure out some way to make faux glassware to go on the other side, make it and add the door there. (The one thing I've tried for the glasses so far didn't work.)

Also need to finish the counter and install it. Still thinking about putting a small sink in but haven't found a small enough piece in my stash to use for the sink.

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