Thursday, June 16, 2011

change of pace

You may have gathered that my get up and go got up and went as far as the barroom is concerned.

So I've decided to put it aside for now and work on the bedroom. Not that it promises to move more quickly...sort of stalled on the decision as to which colours to go with.

The room has white walls and a wooden floor at this point.

My original thought was to use the striped wallpaper (I have several sheets of it) and top carpet:
Or maybe the floral (but only have two sheets of this one) with the peach carpet and the small area rug:

Definite furniture:
Chest of drawers, blanket chest, desk
Canopy bed:

The pleated fabric on the right was a huge shawl collar on a blouse. I'm hoping there's enough to dress the bed.

I need a chair or two in there. I actually have a couple side chairs that match the armchair. The table is a trash to treasure one that I made. Think I might make a vanity along these lines with maybe a triple mirror or just a wall mirror.

Or maybe a closet along one side of the room with a vanity in the middle?

So many decisions...

Maybe I should just finish the barroom. LOL

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