Sunday, May 29, 2011

Room by Room dollhouse

When DD Leanne was living in Dallas about 8 years ago, we found a couple of these rooms at Kay Bee Toys on clearance for about $12. She later picked up a couple more and I bought one through a miniaturist on Small Stuff for a total of five rooms: living, dining, bed and bath rooms and kitchen. The rooms clip together with magnets. Each room has an electrical system powered by batteries. Each room has a light and  at least one sound effect. For example, if you press the button on the microwave oven in the kitchen, it sounds like a microwave cooking. The rooms are furnished and have a good selection of accessories.

Over the years, it has been very popular with young visitors to our house.

Vern ran into two of the rooms with his scooter last weekend so I had some major repairs to make before it could be put away again.

Although the repairs were time-consuming, the rooms are once again usable.

I had only brought down four of the rooms. Here they are stacked together with the furniture in place. The accessories are not in the rooms here.

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