Thursday, May 19, 2011

couple additions

Using a cream container as a waste paper basket is such a cliche but it's just so perfect. I played around with this for awhile.

First painted it inside and out with a black marker - too shiny.
 Gave the outside a coat of J.W. etc matte varnish - still too shiny.
Dry brushed it with slate grey - problem with the "dry" brush part of the technique - didn't remove enough paint from the brush.
 Dry brushed again - this time with black. Like this better. Certainly lost that brand new look.
 Added some crumpled paper.
In place by the typewriter

Googled "True Detective magazine 1940" and found a couple magazine covers. Copied them into a Word document, resized them and cut them out with a blank portion for the back cover. Folded them and had two magazines to put on the couch.

Tip: If you first roll the paper around something round such as a dowel or the handle of your X-Acto knife, it's easier to fold.

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